IdentifySensors Biologics Moves New Pathogen Testing Platform To Commercialization Stage
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August 14, 2021

Replacing 50-year-old chemical diagnostics, such as PCR and antigen tests, with printed nanosensors is expected to significantly disrupt the $50-billion diagnostics industry, not only for COVID-19 but for a wide range of diseases, said IdentifySensors Biologics CEO, Gregory Hummer, MD. "We are excited to announce that we have proven this breakthrough concept and have moved into the large-scale manufacturing stage," Dr. Hummer said. "Purdue University has been a great partner helping with the development. We will continue working with the university's scientists on a series of sensors for additional pathogens on this platform." IdentifySensors Biologics has applied the new technology to a commercial device called Check4™, an over-the-counter reusable reader that integrates with a consumer's smartphone. Single-use test cartridges, which will be sold separately, slide into the reusable reader and send test results from a saliva sample wirelessly to a phone in minutes.
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