A breakthrough, over-the-counter home self-test that catches COVID infections other home tests miss

Check4-COVID™ is a fast, accurate and affordable molecular test for COVID-19. Results are displayed within minutes on a smartphone app, which automatically fulfills reporting requirements.

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How is Check4-COVID™ different from other COVID tests?

Check4-COVID, by IdentifySensors Biologics, is intended to be a fast, accurate saliva self-test for COVID-19. Results are displayed within minutes on a smartphone app. Check4-COVID is an electronic-based COVID self-test that is faster and less expensive than chemical-based tests. Electronic signals are sent to smartphones to display results in minutes. The chemical-based tests currently in use require laboratory technicians, delays, additional resources and higher costs. The Check4-COVID reusable reader is intended to cost about $130. Each COVID test cartridge is intended to cost less than $25. Users never leave their home. No prescriptions, no mailing samples and no waiting for laboratory results.

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A fast, accurate and affordable COVID self-test for smartphone


Check4-COVID™, the electronic-based test, generates definitive results within minutes. The sensor cartridge interacts with the test sample to produce a highly distinguishable electronic signal indicative of a positive or negative result. The test result is displayed within minutes on a smartphone app and automatically fulfills requirements for reporting results of an infectious disease test to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


Check4-COVID™ meets the gold-standard in COVID testing with minimal false positives. The test avoids the limiting element of other molecular tests such as enzymatic reactions, amplification, sample preservation or sample transportation, which can introduce artifacts and raises the risk of “false positives”.


Check4-COVID™ is anticipated to cost less than $25 per test, which is six times less expensive than the average cost of $150 for a laboratory-based molecular test. Our approach avoids costly elements used by laboratory-based molecular tests such as enzymes and reagents that are in short supply. It also eliminates the need for costly laboratory technicians, laboratory machines and personal protective equipment.

Check4-COVID Features

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Electronic-based molecular self-test that signals definitive results.

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Check4-COVID™ meets the gold-standard in COVID testing with minimal false positives.

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Frequent Testing

Reusable readers allow for frequent inexpensive self-testing anytime or anywhere.

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Disposable sensor cartridges are bought inexpensively in bulk just like a razor and razor blades.

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Construct a molecular test for any specific pathogen target.

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Electronic signals are sent to smartphones to display test results within minutes.

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How does Check4-COVID™ work?

Consumers buy a small, simple device online or from a retail store and download the free smartphone app. The device includes a reusable reader that transmits data to a smartphone and a single-use sensor cartridge. A saliva sample is placed in the sensor cartridge and signals are sent to the reader for processing and test results are transmitted to a smartphone app. within minutes.

Results Appear in Minutes on Your Smartphone – anywhere, anytime:

  • No nasal swabs
  • No delayed results
  • No prescriptions
  • No doctor visits
  • No laboratories
  • No waiting in lines
  • No mailing in samples
  • No high costs