New Digital Platform Technology Aims to Disrupt 50-Year-Old PCR Testing for COVID, Flu, Lyme, HIV & Many More.

Patented technology in a handheld device detects multiple infections simultaneously from a single saliva sample in minutes. Jabil Healthcare to optimize manufacturing.

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Test Cartridges for Multiple Pathogens

How is Check4™ different from other tests?

Check4™ is a highly accurate self-testing platform that is fast, accurate and affordable. It rapidly detects early and asymptomatic infections from saliva with the accuracy of a PCR test, but without reagents, diagnostic machines, technicians and delays.

Tiny sensors by Identifysensors lie at the heart of some of the most sensitive pathogen tests in the world. Clinical tests show these ink-printed sensors detect COVID RNA down to 200 gene copies/ml. That is less than half than sample size used for a standard PCR test, while enabling positive results for very early infections.   


Fast & Accurate Saliva Self-Test

Commercialized in partnership with Purdue University

Half the price of PCR tests with nearly instant results

Results displayed
in minutes

iOS & Android

Protected by
5 patents

Fast & Accurate Saliva Self-Test

Commercialized in partnership with Purdue University

All New Nanosensor Technology

Results Available
in Minutes

iOS & Android

Protected by
5 Patents

woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask
woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask

Multiplex Testing

IdentifySensors Biologics and some of the world’s leading researchers at Purdue University have commercialized a new and disruptive electronic technology that rapidly detects multiple pathogens, including influenza, mumps, measles, MRSA, Hep C & B, HIV, foodborne pathogens and more.

woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask

A Home Digital Testing Lab 

The Check4™ platform soon will move medical testing away from antiquated chemistry labs and into consumers’ homes.

Current chemical-reaction tests will be replaced by fast and affordable digital sensors that connect to a smartphone. Consumers will be able to test themselves at home or on the go for multiple infections, with PCR accuracy in minutes. Businesses and organizations will have the ability to remotely monitor employees and customers in real time.

The benefits of accurate, over-the-counter testing include immediate results without a doctor’s visit or prescription; fast, easy access; more frequent testing; earlier detection; lower costs; reduced transmission rates; and improved population health.

woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask
woman on phone wearing a covid-19 mask

Results In Hand

To use the test, download the smartphone app and complete the form. And place a saliva sample into the cartridge. Minutes later, test results appear on your smartphone. That’s it. The reader was developed to be used more than 20,000 times, with different test cartridges for multiple infections.



A highly accurate and affordable over-the-counter testing device that connects to a smartphone


Check4™ — A nanosensor cartridge analyses saliva to produce a highly distinguishable electronic signal for positive or negative results in minutes. Tests are being developed for COVID and other infections, including Flu A, Flu B, HIV and MRSA.


Check4™ meets the gold-standard in molecular testing. Clinical tests show a 99 percent accuracy down to 200 gene copies/ml. Using electronic sensors avoids the limitations of enzymatic reactions, amplification, sample preservation and sample transportation, which can introduce artifacts and raise the risk of false positives.

Check4™ is anticipated to cost significantly less than a PCR test. This approach avoids expensive chemicals used by laboratory-based molecular tests, such as enzymes and reagents that are in short supply. It also eliminates the need for laboratory technicians, diagnostic machines and personal protective equipment.
New nanosensor technology intends to disrupt the medical diagnostics industry by enabling consumers, businesses and governments to perform rapid accurate testing for a multitude of infections, anywhere, any time.

How does Check4™ work?

A user receives a reusable reader and downloads the free smartphone app. Single-use test cartridges can be purchased as well, for infections such as COVID, influenza and other pathogens. A saliva sample is placed in the cartridge and signals are sent to the reader for processing. Test results are transmitted to a smartphone in minutes, anywhere, anytime. The test is more accurate than PCR tests, but without high costs and logistical barriers.

Results Appear in Minutes on Your Smartphone – anywhere, anytime:

  • No nasal swabs
  • No delayed results
  • No prescriptions
  • No doctor visits
  • No laboratories
  • No chemical enhancements or reagents
  • No waiting in lines
  • No mailing in samples
  • No high costs